What is Dynamic Parish?

A couple of months ago, Father Gary was contacted by our Diocese about a new initiative of Dynamic Catholic. Some of you may you know Dynamic Catholic through the books or events featuring its founder Matthew Kelly. Dynamic Catholic has been around for ten years and they’ve spent the majority of that time researching and developing resources that help people rediscover the genius of Catholicism.

Well, Dynamic Catholic is launching something new called Dynamic Parish. Dynamic Parish is an effort to help every parish in America not just survive, but to truly become a dynamic parish. When Father Gary met with the team at Dynamic Catholic, they made our parish an offer they would only extend to five parishes in our diocese. (And we would become one of 61 parishes across the country to be selected)!

In exchange for being a part of a five-year pilot study, Dynamic Catholic would provide about a million dollars worth of world-class resources in books, programs, parish best-practices, and regular coaching for the parish leadership team.

He said, yes. He didn’t say yes because he thought taking this parish community to the next level would be easy. It will certainly be difficult at times.

Rather, he said yes, because he believes our future at Our Lady of Lourdes can be bigger than our past. He said yes, because he hopes that this parish can become everything God intends it to be. He said yes, because he knows that alone we can accomplish little, but together, with God’s grace, there is almost no height we cannot reach.

For more on Dynamic Parish, watch the video below from Matthew Kelly.

CLICK HERE for the link to the booklet which describes the program.

As part of our parish’s partnership with Dynamic Catholic to help our parish grow in powerful ways, we ask that all adult parishioners complete the BIGGER FUTURE SURVEY. Children who are 10 or older are also invited to complete the survey. This 5 minute survey will be available until November 27th. The majority of the questions focus on our individual faith habits. No matter where you are in your journey, by taking the survey you will be joining us in this parish striving to become all God dreams we can be. We are grateful for every response received.

CLICK HERE to take Dynamic Catholic’s Bigger Future Survey.